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San Francisco: Man robbed at gunpoint after meeting woman from online dating …News from San Jose Mercury News: SAN FRANCISCO – A man was robbed at gunpoint early this morning in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood after arranging to meet a woman through an online dating service, a police spokesman said. The victim, a man [...]

What Not to Do In Your Online Dating Profile Pic

Posted on 6 Jun 2014 In: Online Dating

What Not to Do In Your Online Dating Profile PicNews from Mashable: What’s This? By Matt Silverman2014-06-06 12:10:00 UTC Grainy webcam pics in a messy room? Bathroom ab selfies? Grinning with babies or other women? Come on, guys, we can do better. Elliott Morgan breaks down the do’s and don’ts of online dating photos in [...]

EHarmony Doesn’t Really Know What It’s Like to Date a ReporterNews from The Wire: If eHarmony’s “15 Reasons to Date a Reporter” is representative of the site’s dating advice, then you should cancel your membership. The story lists 15 very appealing qualities for a significant other, and then mistakenly associates them with journalists. Since one [...]

When mom’s online dating foray turns into a feeding frenzyNews from Mother’s Day Guide Sarah Elizabeth Richards TODAY contributor May 11, 2014 at 1:54 PM ET Facebook Share on Facebook Reddit <…………… continues on … Read the full article . . . _______________________________________________ Be The Best Online Bitch: Online Dating For Women, Advice [...]

What online dating really costs – The Week MagazineNews from What online dating really costs – The Week Magazine: Those of you still in the dating pool know: It’s a jungle out there. Look no further than the latest rom-com from Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, “Blended,” for example: The film begins with the two [...]

Woman Says Rich Guy Paid Her $ 100 A Week To Trawl Dating Sites For Hot …News from Business Insider: A woman who was paid $ 100 a week to be an “online dating surrogate” for a rich New York man looking for gorgeous, thin, white women has taken to the internet to talk about [...]

‘’ for advisers and clients expands to San FranciscoNews from InvestmentNews: GuideVine, a technology startup that wants to connect advisers with consumers seeking financial advice, started operations on Thursday in San Francisco after a successful New York launch in March. A prominent feature of GuideVine is video introductions to advisers that best match an online [...]

Love me Tinder: Mobile apps change online dating

Posted on 31 May 2014 In: Online Dating

Love me Tinder: Mobile apps change online datingNews from San Jose Mercury News: NEW YORK — So, a lady walks into a bar…Wait, scratch that. A lady takes out her phone. With a left swipe of her finger she dismisses Alex, 25 and Robert, 48. She swipes right when a photo of James, 24, pops [...]

Paid to trawl for ‘thin, white, brunettes’: Confessions of the … – Daily MailNews from Paid to trawl for ‘thin, white, brunettes’: Confessions of the … – Daily Mail: Writer Meredith Haggerty was hired by an anonymous ‘successful entrepreneur’ to be his ‘dating surrogate’ For $ 100 per week, she hunted for [...]

Health insurance: To choose a plan, take a cue from online datingNews from Christian Science Monitor: Health insurance selection and online dating are similar in key ways: like dating or marriage, you need to have an idea of what you will want or need in the future with health insurance. Shopping for health insurance is [...]