Ten top dating tips for career women
News from FemaleFirst.co.uk:

As a professional woman, it can be hard to find the right balance between work and your love life.

Now one high-flying businesswoman is on a mission to hook up career driven singles looking for love.

Sue Sherring is the owner and MD of the exclusive introductions agency Elect Club Classic to help single professionals over the age of 40 find their perfect date.

Here she shares her top tips when it comes to dating for career minded women. 

  1. Prepare for a date like a meeting

It is important to prepare for a

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Why You Should Date Men You’ll Never Marry
News from Shape Magazine:

A few months before I met my husband, I was introduced to a guy, I’ll call him Alex, who seemed to be “the one.” On paper, he was perfect for me: well established in his career (a former athlete turned businessman), we had the same faith and similar upbringings, and oddly compatible senses of humor. My mother even approved.

But then I met Frank, now my husband, totally by accident (in a stairwell, of all places). For a few months, I secretly dated both guys—and gradually began to realize that Frank’s assets only magnified Alex’s faults. He highlighted all the ways Alex was wrong for me—even though, if I were to write a checklist of what I wanted, Frank would have flunked and Alex would have excelled.

Alex wasn’t the only ex who helped me recognize the inherent kindness in Frank that I might have otherwise missed. There was the super-old rich guy—like, older-than-my-dad old—who woke me up to the fact that money and success isn’t everything. (He was followed by a string of unavailable, but wildly successful 40-year-olds.) And, later, there was the stereotypical jacked jock who was fun to look at, but couldn’t really hold a conversation. And the doe-eyed guy who I actually started to fall for—until I realized I needed to reserve my love for a man who could text me back on time.

Even though some of these guys hurt me, each was critical to my journey. I…………… continues on Shape Magazine

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