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Always question assumptions – even from “experts.”

This week’s Barron’s cover story glorifiesTarget-Date funds.

The idea behind the concept is that investors are simply too dumb to effectively manage their own retirement accounts. Buy a target-date fund, though, and one of the big investment managers like Fidelity, Vanguard or T. Rowe Price (TROW), will allocate your money between stocks, bonds and cash based on your projected retirement year.

The theory is that investors will be spared the pain of extreme bear markets via professional decision-making regarding the distribution of 401k or IRA assets on the way to your golden years.

Barron’s noted that about 20% of all retirement plan assets are now held in target-date funds. With around $ 1 trillion already in AUM, there is big money in their management fees, which run much higher than those of plain vanilla index funds.

The market for these funds soared after the Pension Protection Act of 2006 allowed companies to automatically enroll employees in 401(k) plans. Many firms encouraged the use of target-date funds as the ‘default’ option since it lowered employers’ legal liability.

Is limiting equity exposure a good idea for folks with many years left until retirement? History says “No.” Stocks are where the money has bee…………… continues on

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Lonely geniuses find new home on
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It takes a special person to join Mensa.

For one, the elite society only takes individuals with IQ scores in the 98th percentile, meaning just 1 in 50 Americans is eligible.

This exclusivity — some might say snobbery — is part of Mensa’s lore. Early Mensans in Britain walked around with yellow buttons, organizational publications once referred to non-Mensa members as “Densans,” and last year, a top Mensa member and tester called anyone with an IQ of 60 a “carrot.”

In short, you don’t always join Mensa because you think you’re smart. You join to be set apart from most people, who are, as one member put it: “mundane.”

But a new partnership between American Mensa and online dating giant offers a new, enticing reason to join the society of geniuses: true love.

Beginning this week, members of the brainiac group can connect through a separate, exclusive dating service called Mensa Match. In addition, members can add a special Mensa badge to their profiles, signaling a specific interest in connecting with a single person with a confirmed genius-level IQ score.

Smart dating struggles

Anne Sereg is one of those geniuses.

The 55-year-old Florida woman is an IT project manager who graduated high school in three years, college in two-and-a-half…………… continues on KESQ

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