11 Online Dating Tips Every Girl NEEDS To Know
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After one too many nights curled up on the couch watching Gossip Girl reruns, you’ve decided it’s time to pull yourself together. Why? Because you’re way too hot to be wasting your good looks on a couch and a tub of chocolate ice cream. That’s why.

It’s about freakin’ time you get back out into the dating world and snag yourself a Prince Charming. Right? Right.

Our suggestion? Give online dating a shot.

But before you do, check out a few dos and don’ts that will spare you loads of embarrassment and score you a few nights out on the town.

Go easy on the Photoshop

Listen, hun. We all want to be picture perfect Beyoncé. Unfortunately we weren’t quite as blessed. So don’t go cray cray using Photoshop to alter your face and body. Just don’t.

Stick to reality please! Flaws and all.

Try to keep things positive

No one can stand a Debbie Downer… especially a m…………… continues on soFeminine.co.uk

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Author gives tips to navigate online dating sites
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Dating websites connect singles of all ages and backgrounds in seconds. But finding the right match online takes patience. Both men and women need to be savvy in their search.

“There’s a process to doing it well,” said Riana Milne, author of “Love Beyond Your Dreams.” The book identifies toxic personality types to avoid and how to build a happy, evolved relationship.

Milne counsels singles and couples in her practice Therapy by the Sea, 15300 Jog Road, in Delray Beach. She is a licensed mental health counselor, licensed addictions counselor and a certified relationship and life coach.

An evolved relationship is built on a foundation of trust and shared values. Each partner is kind, flexible, understanding and able to compromise.

“The number one criteria for successful relationships is having a common faith,” Milne said.

While searching online, know what you want in a partner. Make a list and stick to it, Milne said. She thinks of it as a “numbers game” where it takes time to find the right combination.

Start by choosing one or two websites that align with your lifestyle. If religion is important, pick a faith-based site such as Jdate.co…………… continues on Sun-Sentinel

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