Tips to make dating easy
News from The Standard Digital News:

Navigating the dating scene is fun, but at times it is such a harrowing experience. Going by the sorry tales I collect every week from heartbroken people, it is clear that dating is no walk in the park.

The situation has been made worse by the complete bastardisation of the gender roles.

Not too long ago, the man was the hunter (read the [wo]man eater of modern-day Tsavo) on the social scenes. But this is not always the case. The modern urbane woman has no hang-ups.

The women of today will look at a man in the pub, size him up, keenly observe the size of his fingers and proceed to make a conclusion about his sexual prowess. Depending on whether he makes the cut, she will go ahead and throw some sophisticated look towards his direction, careful not to look like a desperate whore!

Those men with short fingers like my pals Frao and Brayo have on many occasions said women should not focus on the length of a man’s fingers to put a finger on the performance. Unfortunately, they are yet to invent an alternative measure that the sisters can use to make a decision prior to plunging into the duvet.

They keep saying that for any woman with doubts about their capacity between the sheets, they would be happy disapprove that notion practically. Ha!But, surely, dating need not to be that harrowing, and one’s ‘performance’ should also not be…………… continues on The Standard Digital News

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