Hiring manager mistakes: This isn’t eHarmony — and stop with the unicorn job …
News from Nashville Business Journal:

What do 1 million eHarmony matches say about the notion of “opposites attract?”

According to new research from statistician Emma Pierson, when it comes to dating, 86 percent of people claim they want a partner who “compliments them” rather than a partner who “resembles them.” But when it comes to actually choosing attributes in a partner, people choose attributes quite like their own 97 percent of the time.

Her conclusion? “ In the end, people may really just want to date themselves.”

Some hiring managers resemble the romantics on eHarmony. They look for people who share their own personal values and who followed similar career paths. Just as tall people tend to prefer tall people on eHarmony, hiring managers tend to overvalue their own personal traits. Managers find it difficult to conceive of how other people could arrive at job competency via a different path than their own, but it happens all the time. continues on Nashville Business Journal

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