Ben Flajnik, Former Bachelor Star, Using Online Dating App Tinder
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What’s a modern, unattached man looking for love to do? Former Bachelor star Ben Flajnik has quietly graduated from rose ceremonies into the realm of online dating, he revealed on Twitter last week.

The San Francisco-based winemaker, who headlined the 16th season of The Bachelor in January 2012, has recently begun to use online dating app Tinder, a fan revealed on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

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“Haha did this just happen? Hit me up on tinder,” a Texas coed tweeted at Flajnik, 30, along with a screenshot of the bachelor’s Tinder profile. Friendly Flajnik gamely tweeted back a few minutes later: “tinder is hilarious.”

Ben Flajnik dating profile
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How One Woman Gamed The Online Dating System
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Amy Webb turned to online dating as a last resort—because she was 30 and newly single and so over playing the field. She cast a wide net, abandoning her picky tendencies in fear of overlooking the perfect man.

That’s how she landed in a fancy Philadelphia restaurant with Jim, a foodie who liked to talk about cooking. He also liked ordering; in this case, an expensive bottle of wine, three appetizers, lamb chops, and Chilean sea bass. That same enthusiasm didn’t extend to the $ 200 bill. Jim didn’t even offer to split it, and the meal ended up costing Webb a chunk of her next month’s rent.

“We were walking out, and I just wanted to get back to my car so I didn’t have to deal with this guy anymore,” says Webb, author of the new book Data, A Love Story. “He asked me if I smoked, and all of a sudden he pulled out this huge blunt and lit it up right there, in front of everybody. I really thought I had been roped into some kind of practical joke. But it wasn’t a joke, it was real life.”

That’s around the time Webb realized her online dating profiles were attracting the wrong kind of men. Her dates were “horrifically bad—comically bad,” she recalls. After one particularly disastrous night out, she decided to change her approach by drawing on her background in data analysis. Spoiler alert…………… continues on U.S. News & World Report

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