Man Accused Of Rape, Using Online Dating Sites To Meet Women With Daughters
News from 10TV:

Investigators say a man is being charged with the rape of a juvenile after he met her mother through an online dating service and there may be more victims.

Police said Michael Bruce met a Canal Winchester woman through a dating site.

According to a police warrant, the woman said she and her teenage daughter visited Bruce in his Whitehall home. She allowed her 16-year-old to run errands with him.

The teen said that Bruce was driving to rent a movie and made a stop at a gas station. She said he pulled into a parking lot of a closed business and raped her.

According to the search warrant, Bruce “began yelling at her to have sex with him” and “threatened to kill her if she did not comply.”

The teen told police that Bruce locked the doors and climbed on top of her in the passenger seat.

There’s also a second victim according to the warrant, a 12-year-old girl, who claims days earlier Bruce raped her at his apartment.

“Cause I live with him, so I see this, then I hear that and I’m walking down the middle going, I just don’t know. Honestly,” said Susan Schollenberger, who claims to be the man’s roommate.

Schollenberger told 10TV that she slept through the alleged rape but is now questioning what he said about the two girls, in the past.

“Wanted to be like a father-type figure, that’s what he told me,” said…………… continues on 10TV

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