LA Affairs: Online dating with White Swan, Black Swan
News from Los Angeles Times:

Several months ago, at the height of my disillusionment with online dating, I created a “Black Swan”profile for a dating site (My “White Swan” profile was up and running on the same site). I didn’t actually name the profiles White Swan and Black Swan, but that’s how I thought of them, inspired by the deliciously over-the-top Natalie Portman movie that came out around the same time.

The White Swan had been busy dating. In fact, she’d just been dumped by a guy who suddenly realized his Westside neighborhood was 20 miles away from her — my — Eastside domicile. As he explained what had been evident from Google Maps before Date 1, I found myself stunned. And then angry. Did he really think I was dumb enough not to see through his flimsy excuse?

The anger felt familiar. Six months earlier, a long-term relationship had ended in a spectacular blowout. My boyfriend of three years had entered our Silver Lake apartment after being out all night and said he’d started a new relationship — three months earlier. He explai…………… continues on Los Angeles Times

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Bad date: Osaka Pref. city worker dismissed for surfing online dating sites at …
News from Mainichi Daily News:

MINOO, Osaka — A 55-year-old municipal government employee here has been dismissed for spending considerable time at work perusing online dating and other sites unrelated to his duties, officials said.

According to Minoo Municipal Government officials, data stored on the man’s work computer from October 2005 onwards showed that he had accessed a number of websites unrelated to his job — including online dating, travel and concert-related pages — some 30,000 times, equivalent to 87 hours of work.

The employee was apparently most fond of accessing dating sites, with some 10,000 visits — calculated at 18 hours of work time — logged on his computer between October 2010 and June 2011.

The retrieved data further showed that he had been using his work email account for a number of exchanges with the operators of a dating site, women registered with the site, and “love hotels” — hotels that rent rooms by the hour.

Municipal government officials became aware of the case after a company apparently related to the dating site called the employee at his work number four or five times. The man had apparently been having a dispute with the dating site operator over a 12 million yen registration fee.

The man, according to officials, had been in a section chief-level position and his duties included instructing staff members on the appropriate u…………… continues on Mainichi Daily News

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