Dating Company Announces Launch of Website Focused On How to Attract A Girl
News from Houston Chronicle:

Leading men’s dating advice company launches website focused on how to attract a girl with tips and free articles aimed at single men.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 24, 2012

Date Hotter Girls, a leading men’s dating advice company, just announced the launch of a information site dedicated to helping men learn the intricacies of how to attract a girl.

The site, which went live, on March 19, has several free articles and tips that help demystify female attraction. The topic of how to attract a girl gets tens of thousands of search engine queries a month and is one that baffles many single men.

“It’s very counter-intuitive,” explains Rob Judge, founder of Date Hotter Girls. “So many men struggle to decode a woman’s behavior. Men often think too logically about attraction when they should be approaching it emotionally.”

Much of the advice on the site hinges of the theme of “emotional intelligence.” Judge believes that if men can better understand a woman’s emotions, he can learn to elicit those emotions in an attractive way.

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