Police Say to Use Caution When Using Online Dating Sites
News from KRGV:
BROWNSVILLE - Online dating danger led to a man charged with rape.

Word spread quickly around UT Brownsville about an alleged rape that started with an online conversation. Authorities say Juan Gomez of New Braunfels met a student online and then raped her when the two met Tuesday afternoon.  Some students told us online dating isn’t for them.

“I think it’s irresponsible for young people to get into a relationship with other people, people they don’t know,” says Jair Reyna, a UTB student.

“Personally, you don’t know the personality or if that person is bad or something,” says Vanessa Villegas, a UTB student.

Police say it happens a lot more than in the past. Young people are using Facebook and other online dating sites to find love.

“Because nowadays we have the Internet, things are much more accessible. That’s why you see it a lot more,” says Jose Trevino with the Brownsville Police Department.

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