More criminals using online dating to target victims
News from KHOU:

HOUSTON – More and more people are meeting their significant others online, according to recent studies. According to studies, one in six new marriages begin online.


But while online dating may be a relatively new way for people to meet, it’s also become a target for criminals.

In April, federal agents issued a warning about online romance scams, which can cost victims money, safety and even their lives.

Amy Deutsch is single mother. In January of 2011, she thought she’d found “Mr. Right” on She said his photo showed a “good looking, tall, dark and handsome” man.

He even sent her another photo of a man and woman. He said it was him and his mother.

“James” lived in Dallas and had the perfect profile, Deutsch said. He was very smooth and he emailed and called every day.

“Valentine’s Day arrived, so did a dozen roses, so did a teddy bear, so did a card and so did…………… continues on KHOU
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The Birth of the ‘Fifth Estate’: William Dutton on 20 Years of the World Wide Web
News from Spiegel Online:

By Manfred Dworschak

A screen shot of the NeXT computer used by Tim Berners-Lee to browse the World Wide Web at the time became publicly accessible on Aug. 6, 1991.

In a SPIEGEL interview, William Dutton of the Oxford Internet Institute discusses how fundamentally the World Wide Web has changed our lives since its creation 20 years ago, offering his views on how it helps communities organize and its emergence as a ‘Fifth Estate,’ helping hold both governments and media around the globe accountable.

SPIEGEL: Professor Dutton, do you happen to remember what you were doing on Aug. 6, 1991?

Dutton: I have no idea. It’s very interesting that the invention of the World…………… continues on Spiegel Online
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